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Writing short summaries (30+ words) for Project Gutenberg books.

This is a project from Project Gutenberg in cooperation with Apple that consists of writing short summaries of books in Italian, Finnish, German, Dutch, and French. For each book a short summary (suggested minimum 30 words—no less than 50 characters!) needs to be written in its respective language.

Note: This is NOT a translation project. No translation is needed.


Guidelines and Requirements:

Each book summary must contain the following 3 items:

  1.  Author

  2.  Year of publication, edition number**

  3.  Subject

Most (if not all) of the above information can be obtained from Wikipedia.

**To get the edition number (first edition, second edition, etc...) you must open the book PDF and get that information from the first page of the book... it'll be there! 

VERY IMPORTANT! In addition to the required information for each summary, Apple requires three additional things:

  • a) There cannot be any typos

  • b) The summaries cannot all start in the same way.

  • c) The minimum length per summary is 50 characters. There is no maximum.

The information needs to be entered into an Excel spreadsheet together with a BISAC code. We will provide the EXL spreadsheet and the codes.

Payment and Terms:

This is a very simple and fun project for literature lovers (and you can keep the ebooks for yourself too). The rate for all languages (except German) is USD3.50 per short summary (approx. 11.7¢ per word, based on a 30-word summary).


For German, the rate is flat $25 for the project.


Payment will be made immediately upon receipt of summaries via Paypal. If you have an US-based bank account, payment will be made via inter-bank transfer at no charge to you (if you so prefer).

Our expected turnaround is about 20-30 book summaries per week, but you could easily do more.

If interested, please email us at with your CV and contact details.

Use the following subject:

Project Gutenberg: Your_Name (Your_Language)


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