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Choosing the right translation and localization partner for your business is essential to ensuring high quality results. Our linguists have been selected based on their experience and areas of expertise and specialization to match your specific needs. Our teams are able to handle large projects; therefore, we always make sure that your translated and approved terminology, as well as your translation memories (TM), remain consistent throughout the entire TEP (translation, editing, proofreading) process. No matter what your industry is, consistency is key to provide an accurate and clear translation.




Our technical teams handle translations in a variety of fields that require extensive knowledge and insight of certain specific areas. The following are some of the main technical fields in which we specialize:

• Hardware
• Manufacturing
• Oil, Gas & Energy
• Transportation

Website, Software & IT

Aguará Global provides translation and localization services for websites, computer software, phone apps and other platforms using industry-leading localization tools.
Whether IT- or gaming-related, we have the localization solution for your website or software.

• Automotive
• Banking & Finance
• Consumer & Retail
• Leisure & Entertainment
• Industrial Equipment
• Engineering

Life Sciences

Our life sciences team handles the translations of materials related to the areas of medical devices, pharmaceutical, clinical trials & research, biotechnology, product datasheets, sales and marketing.
At Aguará Global we understand the implications that our work has in life sciences products, because the health and well-being of real people depend on it. This is why technical accuracy and consistency is our primary focus.

Education & Training

At Aguará Global we are aware that not all students are alike; in fact, they come in all shapes and sizes. Certain basic factors such as age and surrounding culture affect primarily the way in which students learn and, consequently, the way the information is presented to them. Our translators and editors have in-depth understanding and knowledge of the important nuances proper of the educational sector, such as the use of age- and culture-appropriate terminology and style, and are able to adapt the translations so that they are most effective in the target language, while still conveying the original meaning. We have the right education and training localization team for your organization's needs.


Our legal team handles the translation of contracts, certificates, research documents, patents, internal corporate communications and more for law firms, companies, and individuals across nations.
At Aguará Global, in order to ensure and maximize quality and consistency, we have selected legal editors who also have a university legal degree.

Your One-Stop Translation & Localization Solution.

Entering into new markets and reaching out to millions of new potential customers is a big and important step that should never be taken lightly. Whether these markets are the local Spanish or Portuguese communities in your city of operation or the international global community scattered around the world, they all have one thing in common—an obstacle that needs to be overcome so you can reach these new potential customers: the Language Barrier.



Aguará Global is your one-stop partner that can break this language barrier for you in a swift, seamless, and effective manner and help you reach these previously inaccessible audiences.

We offer the following comprehensive business-globalization and creative services:

At Aguará Global we translate from and into the main languages spoken in the American Continent, in any combination.



We Speak Your Language…





In addition, we are aware of the differences and nuances that exist between types of Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. This is why our global team of native linguists can translate and localize your product into most language sub-types.


You don’t see your language listed above? Don’t worry, Aguará Global is your one-stop partner when it comes to matters of translation and localization. Let us know your need and we’ll have your product translated in no time. We are here for you.

…And Theirs!

We'd love to hear from you.  Connect with us and let us know how we can be of help!


For a quick quote, please complete the form, upload your file, and we will contact you very soon.



+1 (888) 246-2096


P.O. Box 560536

Orlando, FL 32856-0536


Aguará Global is a translation and localization company established in the city of Orlando, Florida, that has been successfully helping local clients and global companies alike to reach millions of new potential customers. The company provides a comprehensive array of professional translation and creative services aimed at facilitating the communication between companies, organizations, markets or demographics—local or foreign—who do not share a common language.


Localization With a Creative Twist.

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